We are a collective of professionals in the arts, entertainment and media committed to positively impacting culture through excellence in our industry.  We believe that every creative project is an opportunity, not only to showcase talent and skill, but also to use our passions and gifts to project His light, life and love into our industry and the larger culture.  We seek to inspire those in the community of faith who are pursuing involvement in arts and entertainment, to see themselves as active agents of positive change.

We are affiliated with the Ambassador Foundation, a nonprofit organization created to acknowledge and honor the arts in our community and in the entertainment industry.


We seek to empower, equip and release men and women to successfully pursue their passions and destinies in the art and entertainment industry.  We host a major annual conference, Project Light, for actors, writers, producers, directors, dancers, singers, songwriters, musicians, visual artists, etc.

The Project Light Conference is designed to:

Provide numerous opportunities to interact and network with, and learn from leading industry professionals

Demonstrate through explanation and example how to both overtly and covertly display one’s faith while working in the industry

Supply aspiring professionals with skill building and practical tools to meet their goals through a series of intensive workshop electives

Stir attendees to remember that our primary goal is always to “project” His light into every sphere of our industry and society

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