The Jesus Culture Band was formed organically through the momentum of a movement whose focus is to equip a generation to be influencers of society. It’s hard to separate the band from the movement, as they really are joined together with one focus: to bring people into an encounter with God’s love through worship and to disciple them to transform society.

The Jesus Culture band is fronted by Kim Walker-Smith and Chris Quilala with Ian McIntosh playing keys, Jeffrey Kunde as the lead guitarist, Brandon Aaronson as the bassist, and Josh Fisher as the drummer. Each member of the band knows the weight of the call God on their lives and they live devoted to a lifestyle of worship, hoping that their music can help lead all those who hear it into an experience of His presence that won’t leave them the same.

Over the past 5 years, the Jesus Culture Band has released five CD/DVDs with the latest one being, "Jesus Culture Awakening: Live from Chicago" in November, 2011. Each album captures the heart of this generation burning for God and seeking an encounter with His presence.


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